The Collaborative Quality Unit (CQU) sits within Academic Standards & Quality Services (ASaQS) and has responsibility for all collaborative partnership relationships.

The Unit is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for partners and the conduit for communication between partners, faculties and corporate departments. The CQU maintains oversight of quality and operational procedures for all collaborative provision.

Meet The Team

CQU Team Photo 2015

Catherine Moss, Head of Collaborative Quality Unit (Far right)

  • Manages the team that supports the arrangements between the University and its key collaborative partners, which include FE Colleges, private businesses, the government and overseas educational institutions

Mel Aitchison, Senior Quality Officer for the Faculties of Creative Industries and Life Sciences and Education

Ryan Powell, Senior Quality Officer for the Faculties of Business and Society and Computing, Engineering and Science

Jo Phillips


What do we do?

  • Advise on procedures for new collaborative activity
  • Maintain up-to date list of all USW partners (Master Register)
  • Facilitate approval and re-approval panel visits
  • Issue contracts for USW partners Partner Image - courtesy of Thinkstock.co.uk
  • Support International Recruitment Officers in verifying and producing Admissions Agreements
  • Process RTS applications
  • Liaise with International Partnerships Office over collaborative arrangements
  • Provide training and support to Link Officers
  • Support integration of Strategic Alliance into USW
  • Primary conduit between faculty proposals to PQSC & VCEB committees
  • Work with Faculties to coordinate partner approval process

The Unit also manages the setting up of and changes to partnership contracts. The CQU has overall responsibility, on behalf of Academic Board, for the University’s Framework for the Management of Academic Standards, Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement.

Collaborative Manual for Collaborative Provision specifically provides procedural information for:

For information about University logos and UK Collaborative Partner Style Guidelines please contact:

Marketing & Student Recruitment Team


Tel: 01443 483 571