Services Available

What do we do?

  • Advise on procedures for new collaborative activity
  • Maintain up-to date list of all USW partners (Master Register)
  • Facilitate approval and re-approval panel visits
  • Issue contracts for USW partners Partner Image - courtesy of
  • Support International Recruitment Officers in verifying and producing Admissions Agreements
  • Process RTS applications
  • Liaise with International Partnerships Office over collaborative arrangements
  • Provide training and support to Link Officers
  • Support integration of Strategic Alliance into USW
  • Primary conduit between faculty proposals to PQSC & VCEB committees
  • Work with Faculties to coordinate partner approval process
  • The setting up of and changes to partnership contracts

The Quality Assurance Manual – Section C specifically provides procedural information for:

For further information, or how the team could help you contact:
Alex Szary, Collaborative Registry Officer
Danielle Bush, Collaborative Registry Officer

For information about University logos and UK Collaborative Partner Style Guidelines please contact:

Marketing & Student Recruitment Team

Tel: 01443 483 571