Due Diligence

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For any new partner approvals the CQU are required to gather information from the prospective partner as part of the Due Diligence checking procedure. This information is compiled and presented within the partner approval forms and required as part of the outright approval mechanism.

Due Diligence Information
The CQU welcome either hard copies sent to the University of South Wales, or electronic copies (either as attachments or web pages) of the following information:

Legal Due Diligence

  1. A copy of your Strategic Plan and Mission Statement
  2. Confirmation of degree awarding powers, founding documents, i.e. Charter, Statutes
  3. Evidence of Tier 4 sponsorship status
  4. Details of all legal proceedings including completed, settled or pending legal actions
  5. Copies of the following policies:
  6. Anti-bribery Policy
  7. Equal Opportunities Policy
  8. Health and Safety Policy
  9. Environmental Policy
  10. Staff Development Policy
  11. A copy of employer/public/ professional liability insurance documents

The following additional information to be provided from privately funded or charitable organisations:

  1. A copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, Trust Deed or Act of Parliament
  2. A list of names under which the partner trades
  3. Documentation about any legal or regulatory requirements to which the partner must conform.

Financial Due Diligence

  1. A copy of three years’ audited management accounts
  2. Confirmation of sources of funding
  3. Detail of accounting policies and internal financial controls.

All of this information will be used and stored confidentially and will contribute to the overall partner approval